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tv   WESH 2 News Sunrise  NBC  March 4, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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an all n michelle: right now on sunrise, the weekend is almost here and our morning rain is moving out just in time. your first alert forecast straight ahead. >> if there is anyone who ever deserves to be attacked that way, it's donald trump. >> last night's debate and the issues beyond the insults. jason: u.c.f. is going to
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the protest plans for his arrival and how students are reacting to the leading republican presidential candidate. >> investigators were out all night at this orlando apartment complex. it's friday finally. good morning. thank you for joining the sunrise team. i'm jason guy. michelle: i'm michelle imperato. we do have a nice day in store. we just have to get through a few hours here in the morning. here is a glance over at orlando where meteorologist amy sweezey is joining us. are showers still hanging around? amy: barely. all the rain we had in the early morning hours are long gone. there is a few little sprinkles which i'll show you coming up here. what will happen is we'll still have some clouds in the spots that don't have rain anymore. as that drier air keeps working in today we will end up breaking apart the clouds and getting some sunshine later this afternoon. temperatures mid to upper 70's for most of us, a little cooler than yesterday but still not bad.
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the cooler you'll be closer to the cool air coming in. we have a lot of cloud cover now. look at the rain rolled through in the overnight, a few thunderstorms too and there's hardly anything left at this point. a couple sprinkles in brevard county and moving so fast, 40, 50 miles per hour, zipping off the coast. notice our temperatures where the cool air started to move in to the north, we dropped at 55 in ocala, 65 in orlando and melbourne, not getting that cooler air yet. as we head through the day, sunshine. the cool air will come in but our southern spots will still make it into the upper 70's, near 80. look to the north. palm coast will top out at 70 today. 75 will be our high in ocala. more about the weekend in a few minutes. right now let's get a traffic update and get over to ted. ted: looks like the
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this scene, westbound on the left side. it could end up getting slow but at the moment not so bad. a spot dealing with construction that is taking out a lane is i-95. that is in volusia county around state road 4. i-95 southbound near state road 44 about a mile taken out. i-4 eastbound cleared. the construction blocking the on ramp from 535 to i-4 eastbound getting through with ease. jazmin: orlando police are investigating a deadly overnight crash. you can see the scene here behind me. detectives tell us that a man ran into the road and was hit by not one but two cars. it happened on east colonial drive at bennett road just after midnight. the westbound side of colonial was shut down for hours. that road is now reopened. the victim was first hit by a pickup truck and they believe the driver couldn't avoid him. a short time later a second
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he was rushed to the hospital where he was pronounced dead. o.p.d. has not identified the victim. all we know about him is that he's 20 years old. as soon as we get more information about this crash we'll bring it to you here on sunrise. jason: developing now, police are searching for a killer. michelle: we'll learn more this morning about a nighttime homicide at the cypress point apartments in the rosemont neighborhood in orlando. alex: police tell us that they do plan to send us information on a possible suspect in this murder, but other than that we have very few details at this point about exactly what happened here last night at cypress point. the cypress point condos here. but we just talked to a resident of the complex who came home from work to see all of these news crews, to see his complex was a crime scene, and he said he's actually not surprised to hear about this.
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some drug activity going on in this complex, so he's not surprised to hear that somebody was killed here. he also says that the gate here -- this is a gated community, but he says the gate really doesn't keep people from coming in, even if they're not supposed to be here. he said some people in the complex do give out the gate code. that is easy for people to get and he sees people coming through who shouldn't get in the complex. and also people using the exit as an entrance. the victim with a 22-year-old man. they are not releasing his identity. he was killed before 8:30 last night and police have been working through the night to piece together clues. investigators were still out here when we arrived before 4:30 this morning. no one else was hurt in this incident but we are still working to find out the circumstances surrounding the death. if you know anything about what happened you are asked
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1-800-423-tips. michelle: turning to commitment 2016, republican presidential candidates back on the campaign trail after a very heated debate in detroit. they consistently talked over one another, but the debate did shed some light on immigration, health care, and whether the united states should send troops to libya. >> this little guy has lied so much. >> beyond the bickering. >> donald, learn not to interrupt. >> and the name-calling -- >> i've given my answer -- >> the insults and accusations. >> don't worry about it, little marco. >> gentlemen, gentlemen, you've got to do better than this. >> i don't think the people of america are interested in a bunch of bickering schoolchildren. >> there was substance in the fox news channel debate. most of it directed at the front. >> why did you write checks to hillary clinton to be president in 2008? >> actually it was for -- it was. >> the moderators
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health plan. >> it will save more than $300 billion a year. >> the numbers don't add up. >> trump explained why he changed positions on syrian refugees and guest worker visas. trump refusing to release a "new york times" tape that reportedly shows him backing off building a wall with mexico but he admits -- >> you have to be able to have some flexibility, some negotiation. >> briewk briewk and john kay -- marco rubio and john kasich agreed we need troops in libya to go after isis. what did trump think of the debate? >> i did think it was more evil, i did think it would be more vicious. >> the republicans have four contests this weekend: kansas, kentucky, maine and louisiana. michelle: the candidates are turning their attention to florida where it is a
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senator marco rubio lk -- will be heading a rally in jacksonville. and donald trump will be at u.c.f. >> crumb has become one of the -- trump has become one of the most polarizing figure in the country. passion runs deep either for or against him in this race. we're expecting to see a huge turnout this weekend on the campus of u.c.f. a growing number of u.c.f. students that disagree with trump are planning to protest tomorrow. the arriving of the leading republican presidential candidate has the campus buzzing as preparations are underway. strong opinions from those organizing a protest while others are just excited about the political discussion. >> i tried to emphasize it's a peaceful protest. anybody who is serious about coming, they know that it's peaceful. nothing rude, anything like that.
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to be having the political process, you need to hear all sides of it whether it's personally offensive to you is a matter that's something for you to decide. >> the organizers of the protest say they're assembling in a designated area across the street from the arena and say a counterprotest to their protest is also in the works. the doors open at 9 a.m. tomorrow and the rally begins at noon. michelle: thank you. make sure to stay with wesh 2 for constant commitment 2016 updates. you can get the latest in our politics section on-line at and inside the wesh 2 mobile app. jason: a jacksonville mother will be sentenced today in connection with the death of her toddler son, charged with child neglect and giving false information to an officer. her son was allegedly left alone while she and her son were intimate. >> the man charged with child neglect after a
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jail on bond. erick dominick williams told us he feels terrible. the fiancee of that man's niece, a six-year-old, died after finding the gun and pulling the trigger. detectives say it was williams' gun but his mother says it was not. he had little to say as he headed home. >> yeah, i feel bad. >> his next court appearance is on april 5. michelle: 6:09. you might need your umbrella if you're heading out early this morning. >> most of the rain is done by sunrise time. let's get over to amy. then we're going to get warm? amy: we'll be back in the 70's later today. not as hot as yesterday. most of us were in the 80's yesterday. but the sunshine will help us go to the upper 70's in most of our inland spots and to the south. northern areas will be cooler. daytona beach will be in the lower 70's just because you are going to be a
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all of our northern spots will get the cool air first. lots of clouds. look at the rain, it is almost gone. the only thing we have left are a couple little sprinkles in brevard and osceola counties. you can barely see it anymore. a few little showers there in the keenansville area. over the next half-hour rain moves out, we're done and then we'll still see some clouds this morning and then as the drier air comes in it will start breaking apart clouds gradually from north to south. we'll get sunshine and our highs today will top out in the upper 70's. more about the rest of the weekend forecast in a few minutes. michelle: it is 6:11. let's get a traffic update. ted: about a mile worth of construction on i-95 southbound on state road 44 in volusia county. choppers on route to a crash on i-4 westbound near the osceola area. old winter garden road, a
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front line. jason: how soon that could happen. the time line released overnight. michelle: a burning revenge. the students accused of setting their principal's house on fire.
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going jason: 6:14. here's what's happening in central florida. an overnight lane of rain has moved on. now we're in for a beautiful weekend. amy has your first alert forecast in a couple minutes. michelle: republican candidates focus on florida this weekend after a heated debate last night. donald trump is at u.c.f. tomorrow. marco rubio is in jacksonville this morning. >> we expect to learn more this morning about a late night homicide in orlando. a 22-year-old man was found dead at the cypress point apartment last night. the victim has not been identified and no suspect has been named. michelle: that is the sound of bike week riding into daytona beach this
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the leather clad cloud revving up for the big annual event. jazmin: when we say hundreds of thousands, we really mean it. last year half a million motorcycle enthusiasts were in town for bike week. several local counties are hosting event, main street daytona beach is the heart of the event. if you're heading out to daytona you can expect to see more women holding on to the handle bars. women are the highest market. law enforcement urges everyone to pay extra attention while traveling florida leads the country in the number of motorcycle it starts today and runs through the 13th. a busy time for daytona beach.
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break begins. before long bikinis will be mixing in with that weather. jason: inspectors in west palm beach are back at the scene of a wall collapse. witnesses say several bricks fell from a building and went through the roof of a nearby law office. city officials believe metal attachments inside the wall broke causing the collapse. people in the law firm said they had to dive under tables for cover. >> the wall separated as a result of those attachments collapsing and failing and that's what caused the collapse. >> the fire department is standing by. we have the streets blocked off in case anything else falls, we have an additional collapse. jason: residents in the loft were forced to evacuate. the red cross is helping them find a place to stay. michelle: a volusia county man who threatened to kill president obama will spend the next seven years behind bars. he was sentenced tuesday. prosecutors say he sent a threatening letter to the
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he also threatened the scet -- secret service agent who tried to interview him. jason: detectives say four students set fire to their principal's house. the principal and his family were able to get out safely. michelle: women could start serving in combat roles by this fall according to new plans released overnight. the navy, army and marine corps have started to recruit women, but the report says they don't expect many women to sign up or get through the training. jason: 6:18. the rain is really just wrapping up now, amy. then it's going to give way to a great weekend. amy: going to be really nice this weekend. i love the timing because the rain is when most of us were sleeping. it's almost gone now. we have a couple sprinkles and that's it. i would say another maybe 30 minutes and that's it. showers are coming to an end.
6:19 am
even need the umbrellas early on because the skies are definitely starting to clear. the cloud cover is still with us even though the rain is ending. through the day as that drier air comes in, even the clouds will start to break apart and we will get some sunshine later today. you can see what's going on right now. we still have some clouds. a couple breaks here and there. there's a lot of really dry air up higher in the atmosphere so we're just waiting for that to settle in and that will help knock out some of these clouds today. you can see the showers, hardly anything left at this point. the heavy rain, storms long gone. a few sprinkles in southern brevard, back through osceola. might need your wipers for a few seconds here. our temperatures, cool air starting to roll in here to the north. we have dropped to 54 in ocala, 59 in palm coast and 57 in the villages. still at 65 in orlando and melbourne. warmer south where the cool air hasn't filtered in yet. it will keep happening through the day. winds will start coming out of the north and that means
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sunshine as that front pushes in and then the cooler air will keep working its way south. here's the thing, the sun will heat us up as the cool air comes in. we're still going to make it back into the mid to upper 70's today. 75 in ocala and 77 in clermont. basically we are cooler to the north where the cold air comes from but to the south last to receive the cool air, we will still climb to 80 in kissimmee and saint cloud. a little cooler to the north, 70 flagler beach, 76 in cocoa beach and partisan in palm -- and 79 in palm bay. winds will be lighter once we get into the weekend. rip current risk fairly low. our only concern is it's a little choppy on the intercoastal for the boaters. tomorrow on saturday, partly sunny and dry. sunday a weak front but i
6:21 am
this. it will just reenforce that air, that cool, dry air. that means if you are headed to the citrus bowl on sunday it is going to be a really nice afternoon. 2:00 we will be in the low to mid 70's. plenty of sunshine and a couple of clouds. we are going to climb, once we get into next week, we'll be in the middle 80's by wednesday and thursday. time for traffic now. ted: we have a mile's worth of construction taking out the left lane on i-the -- i-the 5, state road 44 in volusia county. a road crash here in west orange county, old winter garden road. a live look at the chopper. here's eastbound on the right flying over i-4. things looking pretty good for the morning drive. jason: what's bringing in
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violent in chicago. a teen on a bicycle called on a driver for parking in the bike lane and that driver responded by chasing him down. they stopped at the intersection where they ended up getting into a fight. >> i didn't know when he was going to stop. i didn't know if he was going to stop kicking me. just the fact that he sexual assaults me over a few -- that he sexual assaults me over a few words is not right. michelle: if you're planning to hit the beach in south florida this weekend use lots of caution. jason: hundreds of sharks were scene off the coast. those are sharks migrating off the coast of palm beach county. this footage was shot yesterday. officials say the animals come down each winter from as far away as north carolina. >> disney is expanding its cruise ship business. two new ships are in the works each more than 1,000 feet long and more than 200 feet tall. the company says those
6:26 am
telling, familily entertainment and disney service. they're planned to be finished by 2021 and 2023. >> next at 6:30, we're looking ahead to this weekend's season opener for the orlando city lions. how you can help the team. michelle: a recap of the heated debate in detroit. we head out live to alex. alex: we are asking police this morning how a man ends up murdered at this orlando apartment complex. coming up, why a resident says he's not surprised. >> the rain we were dealing with in the overnight is almost gone. still a lot of clouds and cool air working its way in. i'll have all the details when we new customers can save an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote
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>> this little guy has lied so much. >> here we go. jason: a showdown in motown. how orlando became the focus in last night's shocking debate. michelle: sibling suspects facing a judge today. how they're paying a price for allegedly ripping off some girl scouts.
6:30 am
something new in seminole county. the project is launching today. plus how you can save a couple bucks on your next ride. just before 6:30. thanks for waking up with us on your friday morning. i'm jason guy. michelle: i'm michelle imperato. we have a really nice weekend ahead of us this morning. if you heard rain or saw wet pavement, don't worry. it is not going to ruin your plans. here is a shot of us flying high over central florida. meteorologist amy sweezey is here. amy: the rain is pretty much gone. a couple sprinkles left well to the south. they are falling apart. we have some cloud cover that we'll deal with this morning but eventually as the drier air works its way in from the north, we will break apart the cloud cover and get some sunshine today. and most of our temperatures will recover back to the mid to upper 70's. off to the north we'll be a little cooler this afternoon which of course we are cooler there now as the cold air is making its way in. still quite a bit of cloud cover, a few little breaks.
6:31 am
little sprinkles left after we had a couple of thunderstorms embedded inside this line of rain in the early morning hours. as our cold front pushes south there is a few little sprinkles. southern brevard, osceola, right along the turnpike. 54 degrees in ocala. you can see where it's starting to drop to the north and west. 59 palm coast, 57 the villages. still in the mid 60's from orlando south. 65 in melbourne. we'll make it to 79 maitland and water ford lake, 77 in sanford and daytona. upper 70's to the south. only 70 for the high in flagler beach. more on your weekend forecast coming up. right now it is traffic time. toip -- ted: a chopper on the way to a reported crash on 436.
6:32 am
wrapping up with that mile taking out, basically putting it down to one lane on i-95 southbound, state road 44. give yourself extra time. current travel times on i-4 all looking good so far. michelle: republican candidates for president turn their attention to florida this weekend as we count down to our presidential primary. jason: fresh off a debate in detroit donald trump will take center stage with a speech at u.c.f. at noon tomorrow. you can bet he'll have plenty to say about last night's showdown. >> in addition to the back and forth bickering -- >> this little guy has lied so much. >> here we go. >> if there is anyone who deserves to be attacked that way it's been donald trump. >> he referred to my hands as being small. something else must be small. i guarantee you there's no
6:33 am
i guarantee you. >> there was talk of issues in last night's debate. donald trump says he's softening his stance on the h-1b program. that program allows companies to temporarily hire foreign workers for skilled positions. earlier this week a fired disney worker testified to congress that he was forced to train his foreign replacement because of that program. overnight trump sent a statement clarifying that he remains committed to ending rampant widespread h-1b abuse and ending outrageous practices such as those that occurred at disney and florida when americans were forced to train foreign replacements. rubio called the law a loophole that needs to be fixed. cruz says if he's elected he would immediately suspend the h-1b program for 180 days so it can be audited. you probably heard mitt romney's comments about trump yesterday. marco rubio is scheduled to
6:34 am
today show on 7:00 on wesh 2. >> questions surround the death of a man whose body was found in an orlando apartment complex. michelle: his body was found at the cypress park apartments in the rosemont neighborhood. alex: at this point police have released very few details, so we don't know a whole lot. we will be working today to find out exactly how and why this man was killed here at cypress point apartments. last night we know that the victim was a 22-year-old man. police have not released his identity yet or said how he died but they have identified this as a homicide investigation and they tell us they do plan to send information to us about a possible suspect in the murder. this all happened just before 8:30 last night. we talked to a resident of the complex who came home from work to see all of our news trucks out here surrounding the entrance. he says that the news of
6:35 am
no shock to him. he says that it's pretty easy to get in here even though the complex is gated. he said it's easy to get the gate code and there are some people who come in through the exit. he sees a lot of people coming in and out that probably shouldn't be in the complex. he also said that he does see what he identified as illegal activity going on in the complex. he says he has seen hand-to-hand drug deals himself. he has witnessed those here and it's something that he says could be a factor here. so that is why he's not surprised by this incident last night. we will of course be working today to try to find out more information about what exactly happened. and if you know anything about what went on here last night, you are asked to call crime line at 1-800-423-tips. jason: a brother and sister are locked up accused of stealing cookie cash from a local girl scout.
6:36 am
before a judge today. how one of the suspect's facebook page led officers to them. >> police say this man wrestled a cash box away from a 12-year-old girl. 20-year-old nicholas delbrugge and his sister ashley winters are accused of grabbing cookie money from a girl scout at the deltona walmart. an officer went to the suspect's facebook page and started comparing some pictures. >> the photos were taken from the side of a vehicle. he looked up the type of vehicle involved in the incident, the robbery, compared the images of that interior to the interior of the photos on facebook. it was
6:37 am
>> the pair eventually turned themselves into authorities after police made contact with some of their family members. nicholas delbrugge is being held on $150,000 bond while his sister is being held on a $50,000 bond. michelle: the owner of that king cobra that escaped last year will try to have his charges thrown out. mike kennedy is set to appear in orange county court this afternoon. he filed a motion last month to have all three misdemeanor charges against him dismissed. the state charged kennedy for failing to provide proper housing for that snake resulting in its escape last september. jason: uber is launching a new project in central florida. altamonte springs will be the first city in the nation to try it out. how will it benefit riders? jazmin: it means you're about to get a discount on your uber ride in altamonte spring. uber says it's hoping to evolve
6:38 am
it connects riders to drivers through its smart phone app. city leaders say they're trying to boost sun rail ridership and ease congestion. starting march 21 the city will give riders 20% off all uber tribs that begin and end in the city limits. you can get 25% off your trip if it starts or ends at the altamonte springs sun rail station. those deals will last one year. that's the length of the project. we're going to have a crew this when leaders from the city and uber announce the project today. the announcement is at 10 this morning at altamonte springs city hall. michelle: an orlando road will begin its year long closure as part of the i-4 altamonte project. garland avenue will be closed starting at 9:30 this morning. drainage and bridgework in the area is expected to take 14 month. the recommended detour is orange avenue. >> next.
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items you'll find at the central florida fair. we'll be live with the food and fun next on sunrise. michelle: how orlando
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america runs on dunkin'. jason: time now 6:41 on this friday. we've got amy outside. she's not wearing a sweater today. michelle: it doesn't look like you need your umbrella. the rain is moving out, right? amy: yes, the rain is gone. i don't need a sweater because it's in the 60's. however if i was in ocala right now i would probably be wearing a coat. it's only 54 there. cool air is starting to roll in behind our cold front. in our northern area, 59 in palm coast, 57 in the villages. still to the south we're in the mid 60's where we're still seeing quite a bit of cloud cover. the rain, thunderstorms rolled through in the overnight hours, those are almost gone now. a few little sprinkles left to the south. otherwise we're done with the rain for the entire weekend. in fact, the next seven
6:43 am
early this morning. temperatures will start to climb today. we've got cloud cover this morning. it will be a slow climb. this afternoon once we start getting more sunshine the temperatures will climb much faster. we'll be in the upper 70's in most of our inland spots off to the south. it will be a little cooler to the north. daytona beach will be at 72 just because the northern spots will be a little bit closer to that colder air. more about the we could forecast when i come back -- more about the weekend forecast when i come back inside. right now let's get a traffic update. ted: 6:43. the crash on 436 just north of 50 has cleared. a chopper has said it is in a parking lot. 436 east and westbound not bad yet. getting out of seminole into orange is looking pretty good. if you're going to drive on i-95 in volusia down to one lane about a mile and a half as road work is still
6:44 am
the drive on i-4 westbound from altamonte into orange six minutes with no delays. michelle: this weekend the lions roar back into action for their second season in the mstles. jason: they're calling on fans to fill the bowl. we've got brett conley in the studio. >> we can expect more than 60,000 packed into the citrus bowl to kick off another season. the team tweeted out saying there is only 7,000 seats that remain. they are standing by that slogan, fill the bowl popping up all around social media. the lions adding international star power to help pack the citrus bowl. orlando city arriving ript ript -- antonio nocerino will arrive this morning but not expected to play in sunday's opener. last year the lions
6:45 am
second in the league in attendance averaging nearly 33,000 per game. this year they have locked up 18,000 season ticket holders for games in the citrus bowl. next year they will be in the new stadium. in preparation for sunday, going to have a whole lot of people enjoying cocktails downtown orlando tomorrow. a pub crawl is going from 3 to 9. if you buy a ticket for that, you get a ticket for the home opener on sunday. kickoff set for 2 p.m. on sunday and we'll do this all again next month. the new women's team, orlando pride starring alex morgan begin their inaugural season in april. michelle: exciting time here. we're going to learn new information about scott kelly's mission in space. jason: thanks to nasa holding a news conference because kelly is back in houston. over that 340-day span
6:46 am
toll it took on his body. michelle: we are updating big stories this morning next. jason: the "today" show has a preview of what they're working on for 7:00. >> the republican presidential race reaches a new level of nastyness. trump, rubio and cruz . this morning mitt romney will be here. ahead, one of the key players in the o.j. simpson trial, marcia clark, speaking out about the case, her pain over the about the new mini series
6:48 am
6:49 am
paltrow's michelle: good morning and welcome back. it is 6:49. you are looking at a little bit of cloud cover at daytona beach where no doubt many bikers are waking up this morning ready for a big weekend and week ahead as bike week officially gets underway. we will be mostly sunny eventually at daytona beach today. the morning clouds will be
6:50 am
the wind, though, will be breezy and cool. they will be coming in out of the north today. so that will be the one thing that will make it feel a little colder today thanks to temperatures in the lower 70's. saturday and sunday lots of sunshine. we won't even start with any clouds. the winds will calm down and temperatures will be even warmer. we are going to make it into the mid 70's at daytona beach. the rest of central florida inland spots upper 70's for the weekend. we have a cold front on the way through. it brought rain, even a few thunderstorms in the overnight hours. most of the rain is gone much we've got a few little sprinkles left here and there showing up on the radar. not much at all. you may notice a little damp pavement in a few spots and also warmer temperatures where we still have the clouds. we're in the mid 60's. as the cooler air starts working to the north you can see we have dropped. 54 in ocala. 57 in the villages and 59 in palm coast. the front will slide south today. the cooler, drier air will keep working in and we will end up with some sunshine.
6:51 am
there this morning will continue to break apart. we'll climb to 75 in ocala and salt springs today. 76 in eustis and 77 in clerm. -- in clermont. not quite as warm as yesterday. 80 in kissimmee and saint cloud, farther away from the cool air trying to filter in. most of the metro area will climb into the upper 70's. 70 in palm coast 72 in daytona beach. 70's. tomorrow on saturday, big ridge of high pressure builds in. winds out of the northeast, much lighter but will be partly sunny and dry. in. this one is very weak. i don't expect any rain from it, but it will just reenforce that cooler, which means that we will again stay in the upper 70's for sunday afternoon. for the 2:00 orlando city soccer game at the citrus bowl it is going to be a sunday. lots of sunshine, just a
6:52 am
make sure you have your sun screen if you're going to be out and about in central florida this weekend. into next week temperatures will climb. we are headed into the middle 80's by wednesday and thursday of next week. it is 6:51. let's get a traffic update. ted: the chopper flying through seminole county. this is lake mary. we have eastbound on the right side of the screen. not seeing a huge delay westbound. farther beyond here westbound is a bit more congested but still moving getting out of seminole into orange. i-95 construction not wrapped up. one lane of travel southbound for about a mile and a half. westbound on the right, delay-free. not seeing major backups approaching i-4. jason: another busy weekend in central florida. michelle: you won't have any hard time finding something fun to do. one option we have is the central florida fair. we're live at the fairgrounds today.
6:53 am
this morning? >> we've got all kinds of morning. we are here at the central florida fair. we're a little early. it doesn't start until 4:00 today. it's the 104th fair. it goes this weekend and next weekend. ten bucks to get in. coming up we're going to be of stuff. we're going to be at the ferris wheel, see some animals. we're also going to talk to eugene who made us a doughnut burger. that's right, a dough news burger. we're going to be trying that, talking to him and having all kinds of fun on whereby the -- all kinds of fun on wesh 2 news. i'm going to save you one of these burgers. michelle: that is so big. i thought it would be one doughnut cut in half. >> no, two burgers, two doughnuts. michelle: big stories you need to know about this morning. jason: right after the break we'll have the very
6:54 am
with the death of a man who ran into traffic. the man died after he was hit by two cars. this happened just after midnight on east colonial drive at bennett road. it forced the westbound down. it has since reopened. jason: we're expecting to learn more today about a late night homicide in orlando. a 22-year-old man was found dead at the cypress point apartments in rosemont. no suspect is named. michelle: donald trump will be at a rally at u.c.f. some students are planning a protest. a counterprotest is also scheduled. jason: a brother and sister in jail accused of stealing nearly $200 worth of cookie money from a local girl scout. police say nicholas delbrugge and ashley wirnts stole from a 12-year-old girl. they turned themselves into police. michelle: riders in altamonte springs about to
6:55 am
uber is partnering with the city to give drivers a discount for rides that begin and end within city limits. the project begins march 21. jason: orange avenue and magnolia avenue are detours for a project that will take 14 months. stay with us here on wesh 2
6:56 am
6:57 am
into a break avo: when account lead craig wilson books at avo: he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. avo: so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. avo: and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes? client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf! craig: great. client: better yet, how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! secretary: your 2 o'clock is here. client: oops, hold your horses. craig: no problem. avo: la quinta inns & suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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cold front will continue to push south today so it will
6:59 am
break apart the clouds. that means we'll get sunshine for your friday afternoon. a little cooler to the north. 72 in daytona beach. 70 in palm coast. the weekend looks fantastic. no rain expected. dry air, lots of sunshine. morning lows cool. we're headed to the upper 70s around is sunday afternoon. ted? ted: the friday drive for most of us is quiet right now. this odd-colored looking shot is through seminole county, no delays yet. one lane there on state road 44. ted: the today show is next on wesh 2. >> local live and breaking coverage continues now with brett and jazmin.
7:00 am
central florida this weekend. brett: we're breaking it down at the fairgrounds with the funnel cakes and the ferris wheel, guys? 50 thank you. look for more news any time inside the wesh 2 mobile ap. ted: we'll see you back for sunrise starting at 4:30 a.m. good morning. vitriol and vulgarity. the republican race reaches new lows during last night's debate. >> he hit my hands. nobody has ever hit my hands. look at those hands. are those small hands? >> is this any way to elect a president? mi romney is here this morning to talk about that and his


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